About Us

Brookshire Municipal Water District is a conservation and provider of safe, clean and sparkling water to of our residents and commercial partners within our district.

Water is the world’s most precious resource and should be used efficiently and wisely. Brookshire Municipal Water District conservation and water efficiency programs work to preserve and extend the region’s ground and surface water resources farther into the future by encouraging savings today. Save water indoors with helpful tips and look at opportunities for water-saving rebates on appliances and landscapes. Some qualified customers may be eligible for free toilet retrofits. Water conservation doesn’t have to stop indoors. Outdoor water use represents 40% to 60% of the average summertime water bill and most of this water is for landscape irrigation. Peruse our list of water-friendly plants or get some helpful information on efficient settings for the irrigation system at your home. Don’t get caught wasting water! If you are unsure about water rules and regulations, find everything you need here. The future of water conservation is now! Together, we can be part of the solution.

Customer should take steps to manage their water consumption by irrigating by address and only at night. Drought advisory other than the time of day water rules.

Wednesday & Sunday – Odd Numbered Addresses

Tuesday & Saturday – Even Numbered Addresses

Prohibit certain uses of ornamental water fountains.

Mission Statement

Deliver sustainable and reliable, high-quality water at affordable rates for our customers by controlling, protecting, preserving, and distributing the District’s water through maximizing the public service of all District resources.


Satisfy the customer the first time-every time-through versatility and excellence in resource management as the most progressive utility in the nation.


We are dedicated to providing excellent water for each customer and the community. To ensure excellence in our services, we continuously gather, analyze and learn from customer feedback and our personal best is the benchmark of commitment.


We are a unified team made up of employees committed to learning from one another and serving our customers together. We are adaptable to change, creative in our approaches and flexible in the way we carry our mission into the future.


We recognize and respect diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our fellow employees and those we serve. We nurture individual strengths and abilities to fulfill the public trust and achieve our vision.


We are personally and collectively responsible for maintaining the ethics of this organization. We pledge individual accountability for our words, actions and principles.


We demonstrate leadership through our regional partnerships and alliances. We affirm our responsibility and ability to manage a valuable and scarce resource today, and to ensure diverse and sustainable water supplies for generations to come.