The District realize the impact of Hurricane Harvey have caused life—threatening flooding occurring throughout . At this time, The District would like to allow our community additional time to pay delinquent and current bills. We will be extending the September 3, 2017 cut off to September 15, 2017 also there will be no penalties on the current bill due September 16, 2017. We hope this small gesture will help you along your journey to healing from the disaster.


NOTICE – Fee for not paying delinquent bill on or before the 3rd of the month has increased to the following amount:  

Cutoff/Disconnection $35.00 + Turn On/Reconnection $35.00 Total Fee $70.00.

Mission Statement

Deliver sustainable and reliable, high-quality water at affordable rates for our customers by controlling, protecting, preserving, and distributing the District’s water through maximizing the public service of all District resources.

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Conservation Tips

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